Suggestion: you tube

Wondering, Vizhub homepage should have your You Tube videos link.

It’s a great idea!

Here is the original design for the Home Page from Stamen:

I’m thinking to implement this eventually, with a fresh video.

The page you arrive at after clicking “Get Started” I think should have a list of links to various places including YouTube, Courses (2018, 2019, 2020), this forum, the Kanban board, and instructions to join the VizHub Slack channel.

A link through ‘get started’ will be good.

This is where “Get Started” points right now:

Do you think Vizhub logo should be on the top of page in place of Vizhub word.

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Done. This is how it looks now:

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Maybe the about page should actually be inside VizHub itself, as in Not sure. The setup as it is now makes it easy to edit the content, but the brand is a bit confused about whether it’s Datavis Tech or VizHub. Not sure…

Where is vizhub page in dataviz tech

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There is link missing for the vizhub page in

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The VizHub link is the first project listing here

Also all the images on the home page of link into VizHub.

Also I just changed the header image to show the migrant deaths map, and highlight that it was made with VizHub.

Working on it!

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