Regarding the rollup feature

Hi, it seems like somehow the bundle is not responding to changes in other scripts sometimes. As illustrated here, I already changed the content of “index.js”, but the “bundle.js” did not update. I’m not sure if the fact I used react has something to do with it, but this problem did not occur when I was writing other codes.

And on a separated note, when is the youtube educational series gonna continue. Have been waiting for it for a while.

Thanks for this note!

If there are syntax errors, bundle.js is not updated. In your case, it looks like your syntax error is in <li>Mist<li>. The second tag should be a closing tag like this <li>Mist</li>. When the syntax errors are fixed, bundle.js will be re-generated.

This brings up a good point, though, that the bundle.js that is there is no longer up to date. Perhaps it would be better to clear out or delete bundle.js during the time that there are syntax errors. Do you think that would be a good solution?

I have just now posted a new video: Episode 9 - Let’s Make a Face Part V multiple files with ES6 modules.

Yeah, definitely a good ideal to clear out the bundle if there it stops updating. Would be better if it can just not update the erroneous part, although I realize that is technically very difficult to accomplish. And thanks for the timely response and the video!