Feature Request: Whitelabel Embedding

As a paying cusomer, I want to be able to embed visualizations from VizHub in Web sites that I control, in such a way that the viewer can’t tell that they come from VizHub.

Builds on Feature Request: Embedding

There’s definitely potential for abuse with this feature. The main use case is that a VizHub user wants to embed things that they made themselves into Web sites. The abuse case is when folks might embed things that others have created, without giving credit. This is not the intended thing to do, but would be technically possible. So, maybe some policies need to be in place to prevent this sort of abuse, like having review of the sites where work is embedded and reporting/flagging abuse.

Hi Curran - does this feature need anything additional in terms of UI that’s not covered by the “embed as whitelabel visualization” checkbox?

It would be great to have some designs on hand for the failure case, where the user is not on a paid plan and tries to click “embed as whitelabel visualization”. Something like “Upgrade to use this feature”.

Also the embed preview should change based on whether the box is checked or not. If checked, the preview should show just the viz. If not checked, the embed preview should change to include a branded footer. I’m not sure what exactly should go in this footer, but I’m thinking the title of the viz and the VizHub logo at least. Perhaps author name and avatar as well, maybe date. The idea is that clicking on the footer will take you into the VizHub page for the viz.