Feature Request: Saving/Saved Indicator

As a visualization author, I want to know the save status of my most recent changes. Since VizHub uses a real-time synchronization feature, the UX of this can be similar to Google Docs, where there’s an indicator saying whether your changes are “Saving…” or “Saved.”.

I think the current auto saving is fast enough. My concern is the opposite, while sometime I am typing/changing the code, I don’t need the back-end to run until I am ready. I think we can have a button to run the code. But you can also rerun the code every 5s. If user is bothered by it and want it to be muted, you can add a checkbox on the button to turn on/off the mute.

I agree. This idea is captured in Feature Request: Disable Auto-Run .

Note for future work: when dialogs present editing options such as public/private or set height, the saving/saved indicator should be displayed there as well.

Design ideas:

font-size: 12px; color: #C0C0C0;

I like it. Clean and unobtrusive :slight_smile:

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