Feature Request: Embed Reference to vizhub *Page*

This builds on Feature Request: Embedding

As a VizHub user I wan’t to refer to my vizhub creations - or to any vizhub page - from (other) websites, so that people can see my work, and click on it to jump to the page.

My particalar use case is blogging about the vizzez that I have done on vizhub.

It would be just right to have exactly the same look as the visualizations on the vizhub home page like this:


This request is maybe slightly different from the embedding request

There it is the visualisation alone, that is to be embedded.

Here the focus is on the page - inc. (non-interactive) preview image, title and user.

Note: Currently there is quite a lot of effort involved in creating such a reference … and as can be seen in the above blog, the attempt thus far does not produce professional results:


This is a great idea!

Here’s what I’ve got in the pipeline for the Embed settings designs. It shows what the embed will look like - the “live” viz including a footer that links back into VizHub.

Maybe an option could be added here like “embed preview only”, to make it show the viz preview card with a static image, as you suggest. Will consider adding this feature for sure!

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Great! As soon as it is implemented I’ll be updating my blog!