Feature Request: Easy Copying of Title

As a visualization viewer, I want to be able to select the visualization title text easily.

Currently, when the editor is open, you can’t begin the selection from the left because the split pane resizer is in the way.

The main problem currently is that you can’t select from the right. Meaning, when you start a drag gesture to the right of the text, the text doesn’t get selected.

This has been frustrating for me personally, as I frequently want to copy the titles, for use in making links in external tools (or in Markdown).

Note to self: Adding flex-grow: 1 to the title element seems to make it selectable by dragging from the right.

Curran, maybe it would be better to add copy button like it works in jira or github:


the suggestion ui is not obvious and feels unnatural

Well, it’s an interesting idea, but I’m not sure that copying the title is so commonly done that it needs a new visual element in the UI.

All I’m looking for here is a simple incremental improvement that makes it just a little bit easier to copy the title text. I think we can get that by just adding flex-grow: 1 to make the selectable area extend beyond the text. At lease for me, that would make it just a little bit easier to select the title.

For a bit more context, I almost always copy the title so that I can create a Markdown link to the viz, like this

[Making a Bar Chart](https://vizhub.com/curran/326730c80fc54969ae501fb58c8cb94b)

If we did include a new visual element in the UI for copying the title, that’s probably what it should copy to the clipboard.

For now I’d like to just add flex-grow: 1 , as it won’t change anything visual about the UI design, and it will make it easier to copy the title.

This is done now thanks to @stushurik!