Feature Request: Disable Auto-Run

I missed it when I built something last week so it could use some promotion (might be nice to add a message about new features to the main vizhub page?).
I tested it just now and it works fine. Just in time for the minor web development where I’ll promote the tool for teachers and students :slight_smile:

I agree there needs to be some way of communicating new features. I’m working on the idea of a monthly “Changelog” blog post. Realizing now that with this approach, features could be deployed for up to 30 days with no way of users knowing.

Maybe I could still do the “Changelog” idea, but publish it at the beginning of each month rather than at the end, and update it continuously…

Here’s the January changelog post https://datavis.tech/vizhub-changelog-january-2020/

Nice post! The recover feature is pretty cool as well.

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