Feature Request: Collaborators

As a visualization author, I want to invite others to edit the visualization together, in real-time. Managing collaborators involves adding (searching for a user, choosing their permissions) and removing users from a list of collaborators, on a particular viz.

I would also like to be able to allow anyone to edit.

FWIW this is how the design looked in the original datavis.tech:

An autocomplete dropdown state would be a nice design to have here.

Kind of like this but with the user avatars there as well.

Figma has a pretty sweet unified design for sharing and adding collaborators.


here is what I have so far for adding and managing collaborators:

seems like maybe we don’t need to carry over all the sharing features from the Figma example, but let me know if you see something missing that should be there!

I’m slightly confused at the pill design in the text box. Since collaborators are listed below, why would we need pills there? Is the idea that you can add multiple users to the list, then invite them all at once? Pills afford multiple entries, but I think we will only ever need a single entry at a time there.

The behavior I’m imagining when you add a collaborator to the list is that they immediately have access to the viz. I don’t think there will be any actual “invite” sent out, nor any flow for accepting or rejecting the invitation. So, maybe we could change the text “Invite” to “Add”?

Filling in the gaps here, I’m assuming that when you click “Invite”, the selected user(s) will be given some default access level such as “can view”, then you would need to manually change it to “can edit”.

In this case, maybe we can leave out the “Invite” button entirely, so that selecting a user from the autocomplete dropdown would immediately add them to the list of collaborators with a default access level.

I would love to see some designs built out for the process of typing into the user box. I’m envisioning an auto-complete dropdown there, perhaps showing user avatars. Before the user starts typing, maybe there could be some placeholder text like “Find a user” or something.

This is amazing progress!

Great - thanks for those comments, they helped me realize that I hadn’t mocked this up in the clearest way. We might still need to change or revise this, but just to see if this helps, here is a more detailed flow:

No collaborators added:

User begins to type and sees autofill suggestions for existing users:

One user has been added as a collaborator, so their name appears as a pill in the field and the “add” button becomes active. My thinking is this will help the user know that their selection is valid, since it’s technically possible they might type a name that doesn’t exist but hit “enter” to put it in the field anyways.

The user wants to add another before submitting:

User is satisfied with the names they’ve selected:

User hits add and sees the collaborators added to the list:

So again, this might not be the appropriate flow, but I think it it’s more refined and clearer now for evaluation